Marc W. Tollefson

Chief Investment Officer, Insurance Asset Management
SLC Management

Marc Tollefson is Chief Investment Officer, Insurance Asset Management for SLC Management.

Marc joined Prime Advisors, Inc., which is now Sun Life Capital Management (U.S) LLC, in 2004, serving as a member of the senior executive team until 2018, when he was appointed President. In his current role, Marc oversees the investment activities for SLC Management’s insurance asset management clients in the U.S., which includes evaluating securities and constructing and administering portfolios.

Marc’s portfolio of work includes 35 years of securities trading experience in multiple markets, including municipals, corporates, U.S. governments, agencies, swaps, money markets and futures contracts. Marc managed long municipal portfolios for Quellos Fixed Income Advisors, and was Head Bond Trader with GE Financial Assurance, where he managed a group of corporate bond traders positioned in both high-yield and investment grade corporates and executed over $30 billion in trades.

Marc holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Puget Sound.