We offer institutional investors private fixed income investments, also known as investment grade private credit.

These are loans and debt securities issued by companies or entities outside of the public capital markets. They are primarily fixed rate, investment grade debt instruments, with terms from five to 30 years. They include investments in project, corporate and mid-market finance, private real estate finance, and private securitization finance.

The strength, durability, and growth of the private fixed income market reflects the benefits afforded to both issuers and investors. While issuers gain flexibility, confidentiality, and more sophisticated deal structures, investors gain the potential for greater yield, diversification, and greater risk management.

We have one of the largest private fixed income teams in North America, with 55 investment professionals averaging 17 years of experience*. Our scale, broad sector focus, and highly experienced professionals allow us to find unique opportunities from a variety of sources.


  • Yield: A combination of the illiquidity premium and bespoke nature of private fixed income investments relative to public bonds allow private fixed income investors to capture a spread premium over comparable public issuers or indices, as well as the potential for additional income associated with covenants, amendments and, in some cases, coupon increases.
  • Diversification: The private fixed income market offers investors the opportunity to invest in unique transactions and issuers not available to public bond investors.
  • Risk management: Private fixed income investors benefit from deal structures that are typically more robust than public market transactions, including collateral and financial covenants that allow investors to get back to the negotiating table in the event of credit deterioration.

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Through our affiliate, Crescent Capital Group, we offer mezzanine debt, middle market direct lending in the U.S. and Europe, high-yield bonds and broadly syndicated loans.  

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Crescent Capital Group (Crescent) is a global alternative credit investment manager and part of the growing SLC Management business. One of the longest tenured credit managers in the industry, Crescent is a leading investor in mezzanine debt, middle market direct lending in the U.S. and Europe, high-yield bonds and broadly syndicated loans. For more information about Crescent, visit www.crescentcap.com.

* Investment professionals include Portfolio Managers, Traders, Research Analysts, Portfolio Strategists, and Investment Strategists under Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc. and Sun Life Capital Management (U.S.) LLC.