We offer investment grade and high yield public fixed income strategies that provide a consistent stream of income, liquidity, and opportunity for liability matching.

Our credit teams are organized by global credit sectors, with over 200 investment professionals* covering world markets. With a focus on risk management and relative value, our unique integrated team-based approach to research, portfolio management and trading leads to nimble, more effective decision making and execution.

Our process combines deep bottom-up fundamental research capabilities with a comprehensive understanding of sectors and credit. Our process also includes a well-informed top-down macro view assessing credit cycle risks and economic factors. The result is consistent alpha generation, and the potential to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


  • Consistent income: Public fixed income investments provide institutional investors with a consistent stream of income, with generally less volatility than equity market investments.
  • Liquidity: Public fixed income investments trade in active markets and are readily bought and sold.
  • Use in liability matching strategies: Public fixed income investments can play a central role in liability-driven investing strategies for pension plans, insurance companies and other institutional investors.

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* Investment professionals include Portfolio Managers, Traders, Research Analysts, Portfolio Strategists, and Investment Strategists under Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc. and Sun Life Capital Management (U.S.) LLC.