SLC Management Insurance Core Fixed Income Strategy


We offer a holistic, fully integrated and highly customized client experience that focuses on delivering value through our three alpha engines: Insurance Solutions, Portfolio Management and Client Service. Our process starts with understanding each client’s unique operational profile and building custom guidelines and benchmarks around those parameters and objectives.

The Insurance Core Fixed Income Strategy seeks to outperform client benchmarks (book yield or total return) on a risk adjusted basis and in a capital efficient manner by leveraging our global investment platform that includes significant expertise in public fixed income as well as non-core asset classes.


We work with each client to understand their business, objectives and risk capacity to develop their appropriate strategic and tactical asset allocations, duration targets, and performance benchmarks. Our investment philosophy entails analyzing both the taxable and tax-exempt markets as well as leveraging our global platform of core and non-core asset classes in a holistic approach to identify relative value that can be incorporated into the portfolio strategy of each client. We seek to maximize risk adjusted returns, capital efficiency and after-tax income within the context of each insurance company’s risk tolerance, investment guidelines and overall corporate strategy.

Insurance companies need an investment advisor who has the experience, processes and tools to create customized strategies based on their unique needs. Our investment process is led by experienced investment professionals well-versed in the disciplines related to managing insurance assets, including financial modelling, custom portfolio management, risk management, client service and a deep understanding of regulatory and rating agency considerations.

Investment Team

Douglas J. Gardiner,
Portfolio Manager and Head of Public Fixed Income

Randall Malcolm,
Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Canadian Total Return Public Fixed Income

Please note that in Canada, Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc. advises on this strategy. Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc. is a Canadian registered portfolio manager, investment fund manager, exempt market dealer and in Ontario, a commodity trading manager.

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