Three in Five Podcast

Three in Five— An SLC Management podcast

Steve Peacher, president of SLC Management, asks colleagues across our organization three relevant investment questions in five minutes or less.


Episode #13: Tim Boomer

Three pension questions for Tim

Steve sits down with Tim Boomer, Senior Managing Director and Head of Client Solutions at SLC Management, to discuss how the pandemic affected pension funding levels, shifts in portfolio allocations, and the role of fixed income investments moving forward. 

Episode #12: Daniel Sausmikat

Three renewable energy questions for Daniel

Steve sits down with Daniel Sausmikat, Co-Head of infrastructure investment across the Americas at InfraRed Capital Partners, to discuss the new construction of renewable energy infrastructure, trends in battery technology and challenges of building and developing these projects.

Episode #11: Anna Murray

Three ESG questions for Anna

Steve sits down with Anna Murray, Global Head of ESG for SLC Management, to discuss ESG best practices in commercial real estate and the broader sustainability opportunities and outlook for investment managers. 

Episode #10: Mark Attanasio

Three MLB questions for Mark

Steve sits down with Mark Attanasio, co-founder of Crescent Capital Group and owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, to talk about what it’s like owning a major league baseball team during a pandemic.

Episode #9: Dean Connor

Three leadership questions for Dean

Steve sits down with Dean Connor, Chief Executive Officer at Sun Life, as he reflects on his experience as CEO and the next chapter after retirement.

Episode #8: Kim Frazier

Three CLO questions for Kim 

Steve sits down with Kim Frazier, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Crescent Capital Group, to discuss CLOs, LIBOR and bank loan market valuations.

Episode #7: John Fekete

Three high yield market questions for John 

Steve sits down with John Fekete, Head of Capital Markets at Crescent Capital Group, to discuss valuations, issuance and default rates.

Episode #6: Amy Price

Three diversity and inclusion questions for Amy

Steve sits down with Amy Price, President of BentallGreenOak, to discuss the company’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion during the hiring process.

Episode #5: James Slotnick

Three infrastructure package questions for James

Steve sits down with James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations at Sun Life, to discuss uncertainty around the U.S. infrastructure package, including the likelihood that it will pass this summer and how it might be financed.

Episode #4: John Vincent

Three PPP questions for John

Steve sits down with John Vincent, Senior Managing Director and Head of Project Finance at SLC Management, to discuss public private partnerships and how they might fit in to the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan.

Episode #3: Dec Mullarkey

Three U.S. debt level questions for Dec

Steve sits down with Dec Mullarkey, Managing Director of Investment Strategic Research and Initiatives at SLC Management, to discuss current debt levels in the U.S. and what it might mean for markets.

Episode #2: Rich Familetti

Three inflation and rates questions for Rich

Steve sits down with Rich Familetti, CIO of Total Return Fixed Income at SLC Management, to discuss all things inflation and rates.

Episode #1: Sonny Kalsi

Three real estate investing questions for Sonny

Steve sits down with Sonny Kalsi, CEO of our real estate investment business BentallGreenOak, for his outlook on real estate in the current market environment.