We provide investment  solutions for pension plans,  insurance companies and  other institutional investors.

Insurance Asset Management

We provide our clients with decades of insurance expertise through a global, insurance asset management platform delivering enhanced performance through core and non-core asset classes. We believe that utilizing a suite of actuarial and financial analytics while taking into consideration specific client objectives enables us to deliver highly customized investment solutions.

Insurance modelling

Asset management strategies

Client service

  • Integrated, full service approach and asset class specific investment solutions
  • Complete service through a client centric, high touch service model 
  • Insurance expertise that delivers thought leadership, market insights and innovative capital efficient product solutions 

Pension Asset Management

We offer a full spectrum of solutions and expertise to help our clients manage pension assets and liabilities, from liability-driven investing (LDI) portfolios, to risk management strategies, to yield enhancement solutions, to outsourced portfolio investment management services.

LDI strategies are designed to invest assets in a way that matches the movement in liabilities – a powerful tool for reducing pension risk. With our extensive fixed-income investment expertise, we work with clients to develop custom fixed income and/or derivative portfolios to match a pension plan's expected liabilities.

We help create portfolio parameters and procedures at each mandate’s inception, including a custom benchmark for each mandate. And our comprehensive quarterly reporting compares actual performance to the original portfolio objectives and includes a full attribution analysis.

Through the expertise and experience of our derivatives team, our overlay strategies can be used to gain, offset or substitute specific portfolio exposures beyond those provided by the actual underlying assets. These include credit default swaps to mitigate credit risk.

For a portfolio’s equity exposure, our Defensive Risk Premia strategy can help hedge losses from equity market downturns that negatively impact the equity portfolio – while providing the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns.

For the full or partial risk transfer solution, we offer a full range of pension risk transfer strategies, including annuity buy-outs, annuity buy-ins, and longevity insurance, through the Defined Benefit Solutions team at our affiliate, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (in Canada only).

We offer a number of strategies that can enhance portfolio yield while increasing diversification and reducing overall portfolio risk. These include investments in floating rate senior loans, investment-grade commercial mortgages, and private fixed income investments that can provide higher returns over similarly rated public market bonds.

Endowments, Foundations, Family office

Our investment strategies for endowments and foundations are tailored to the unique goals of each institution – its mission, growth objectives, liquidity needs, investment policy constraints, and total return targets.

With a firm understanding of the mission and spending needs of the endowment or foundation, we can structure a portfolio that balances growth and liquidity, incorporates socially responsible investing mandates, and takes advantage of opportunistic strategies to enhance yield to achieve return objectives.

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