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As of June 30, 2020 (USD)

How we deliver

Our three alpha engines leverage a global platform of investment capabilities
across core and non-core asset classes – all supported by robust infrastructure.

1. Integrated Insurance Solutions

We aim to deliver alpha to our clients’ by assessing their operational profile, capital markets data and regulatory constraints. We then take that insight and focus on evaluating the optimal utilization of liquidity, duration, credit and tax management to create highly customized portfolios. By optimizing strategic asset allocations relative to each client’s unique operational profile, we’re better able to deliver customized investment solutions.

Graphic showing the input required for a customized portfolio: 1. regulatory restraints, operational profile, capital market, data, investment goals and constraints, customized portfolio

2. Portfolio Management Across Public and Private Markets

Our global investment platform, unique market access and portfolio management process is key to delivering alpha for clients in asset class specific or multi-sector portfolios.  We analyze macroeconomic trends to evaluate the optimal sector, security selection, yield curve positioning and convexity. This approach refines our client-specific strategic and tactical asset allocations. Our focus is on delivering high levels of income and risk adjusted total return within the constraints and custom benchmark determined by our integrated solutions output.

As of June 30, 2020 (USD)

3. Client Focus

We believe client relationship management is an alpha generating function, not an afterthought. We deliver exceptional client service through a dedicated, personal point of contact on our team of credentialed actuaries and insurance experts. We are a trusted partner that is an extension of our clients’ internal team – a group you’d feel confident bringing before your board, rating agencies and regulators. Our client relationship management team has the deep insurance expertise to collaborate with you as a trusted problem-solving partner, not simply a gate keeper.

Graphic showing the client relationship function. The client is connected to a dedicated personal point of contact with direct connection to portfolio management and insurance teams.

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Addressing our clients' most pressing questions

The last two months have been a challenging time for insurance companies, with many confronting issues that impact both their business operations and investment portfolios. We discuss client and prospect questions and how insurers can preserve the short and long-term health of their balance sheets.

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With a team of research and investment professionals dedicated to insurance asset management,
we are focused on serving your unique investment needs.

Randy Brown

Head of Insurance Asset Management

Brett Lousararian, CFA

Head of Insurance Business Development

Barton Holl, CFA

Head of Insurance Strategy

Ben Ramic

Director, Insurance Business Development

Heather Wolfe, FIA, FCIA, FSA

Head of Canadian Business Development

Tim Boomer, FSA, FIA

Head of Client Solutions

Tom Klem, ASA, MAAA

Head of U.S. Insurance Client Relationships

Nitin Chhabra, FCAS

Senior Director, Insurance Client Relationships

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