Sustainability for seeking long-term investment performance and a better future

Across the SLC Management group, we believe investing with an environmental, social and governance (ESG) lens can be one of the contributors to delivering long-term outperformance for our clients. We integrate ESG factors into our investment decision making process where applicable because we believe that contributing to a sustainable global environment is key to creating a better world.

Shared commitments to ESG integration

SLC Management is built on the expertise of four distinct specialty managers in the fixed income and alternatives space.

Each of our managers applies a shared commitment to seek for sustainable investing within their unique investment mandates.

SLC Fixed Income

Integrated ESG analysis in public and private fixed income strategies

ESG Plus: a proprietary ESG investment assessment framework for assessing ESG risks of issuers within an industry or asset type

Active advocacy, engagement in evolving sustainability space

Download SLC Fixed Income’s Sustainable Investing Report

SLC Fixed Income

Multi-faceted ESG and responsible investing approach in below-investment-grade sector

Systematic ESG integration through entire investment lifecycle

Proprietary ESG analysis incorporates industry-, company- and region-level factors

Learn more about Crescent’s multi-faceted approach to responsible investment

InfraRed Capital Partners

Integrating positive sustainability impact into infrastructure investing

Four key ESG infrastructure themes - climate, environment, communities, people

Member of Infrastructure and Projects Authority Net Zero Working Group

Get insights from InfraRed’s Sustainability Report

SLC Fixed Income

Real estate equity, debt manager recognizing sector’s environmental impact

Committed to net zero carbon portfolio by 2050

Active partnerships with asset owner clients on decarbonization initiatives

Learn more about BentallGreenOak’s journey to net zero

2021 Sustainable investing report

Our 2021 Sustainable Investing Report reflects upon the sustainable investments we have made within our public and private fixed income portfolios and the processes we employ to integrate ESG considerations. We continue to invest in our resources, expand our capabilities in research, data management, and engagement. We continue to make significant progress on our commitment to enhancing our diversity, equity and inclusion practices and initiatives, as well as on our advocacy and engagement activities.

Download our sustainable investing report

“Sustainability factors are considered in our investment decision making process, particularly as it pertains to the existing and projected carbon footprint of certain corporations and entities to which we lend.”

Tom Murphy

Eugene Lundrigan

President, SLC Management Canada and Head of Institutional Business

Sustainability insights and perspectives

Finding a path to diversity in the asset management industry

Candy Shaw, Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at SLC Management, discusses diversity, equity and inclusion challenges in the asset management industry and what can be done to make meaningful progress. 

ESG investing for insurance portfolios

Successfully integrating ESG factors throughout a portfolio is even more critical as insurers and investors seek to sustainably achieve their risk-adjusted return and income objectives in today’s persistent low-rate environment. 

Investing sustainably in a post-Covid-19 world

Learn how Randy Brown, Head of Insurance Asset Management at SLC Management and Chief Investment Officer at Sun Life, is thinking about the crises of today when incorporating ESG factors into investment portfolios. 

Quick hits: Sustainability topics in our Three in Five podcasts

Steve Peacher, president of SLC Management, delivers insights from our investment specialists in five minutes or less. Subscribe to our Three in Five podcast series (Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts) and check out the latest ESG/sustainability content.




Anna on the Net Zero
Asset Managers initiative

Anna Murray, Managing Director, Global Head of ESG at SLC Management, discusses SLC Fixed Income’s commitment to the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and how we’ll work together with our clients on their decarbonization goals.

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Randy Brown on ESG investing

Approaching sustainable investing while balancing portfolio goals.

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Lauren Chesney on workforce diversity

Improving workplace diversity in the asset management industry.

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Amy Price on diversity and inclusion

Focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion during the hiring process.

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Anna Murray on ESG

ESG best practices in commercial real estate and sustainability opportunities for investment managers. 

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Steve Preacher
Three in five podcast

“We joined NZAM because we believe that working proactively with our clients and borrowers towards a net zero target is a critical step in support of the transition towards a low-carbon economy.”

Anna Murray

Andrew Harris 

Managing Director, ESG Business Integration