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Wayne Hosang on leveraged loan markets

Wayne Hosang, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Crescent Capital Group LP, discusses leveraged loan markets, including how floating rate debt is holding up in the current market environment as well as investor considerations when allocating to leveraged loans or debt within CLOs.

Shamika and Desmond on the Sun Life Black Excellence Alliance

Shamika Hoyt, Director, Client Management in Health and Risk Solutions and Desmond Glynn, Contracts and Specialty Operations Senior Specialist at Sun Life, discuss their involvement in the Black Excellence Alliance and how the group is positively impacting both their colleagues and communities.

Olesya on trends in ESG integration

Olesya Zhovtanetska, Senior Director, Public Fixed Income, Credit Research and ESG in Bonds & Treasury at SLC Management, discusses ESG integration in the fixed income space as well as her professional and personal connection to Ukraine.

James Lizotte on structured credit

James Lizotte, Director, Structured Credit Analyst at SLC Management, discusses how Covid impacted the CMBS and ABS markets in the U.S., and where investors might find pockets of opportunity.

Abbe Borok on real estate debt

Abbe Borok, Managing Director and Head of U.S. Debt at BentallGreenOak, discusses opportunities in the real estate debt market and the various benefits for investors.

Brian Linde on oil markets

Brian Linde, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Insurance at SLC Management, discusses complexity in global oil markets and the potential knock on effects in the U.S.

Chhad Aul on tactical asset allocation

Chhad Aul, CIO and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions, SLGI Asset Management, discusses his teams approach to asset allocation amid spikes in inflation, rising rates and geopolitical crisis.

Brett Pacific on defensive risk premia

Brett Pacific, Senior Managing Director, Head of Derivative & Quantitative Strategies at SLC Management, discusses how inflation and the current high risk environment can affect managing portfolio risk at the macro level.

John Bowman on direct lending

John Bowman, Managing Director and Co-Head of Crescent Direct Lending, discusses the why the direct lending market is becoming an increasingly popular asset class for institutions investors.

Brent Simmons on pension buyouts

Brent Simmons, Head of Defined Benefit Solutions at Sun Life, discusses pension buyouts and why they can be an attractive option for plan sponsors.

Jason Breaux on business development companies

Jason Breaux, Chief Executive Officer of Crescent Capital BDC and managing director of private credit at Crescent Capital, discusses business development companies and their ability to provide income replacement in investor portfolios.

Nitin Chhabra on insurance client considerations and trends

Nitin Chhabra, Managing Director, Head of Insurance Client Relationships & Solutions at SLC Management, discusses how persistent low yields, inflation and regulatory constraints can shift an insurance company’s approach to portfolio allocation.

Tom Murphy on client concerns

Tom Murphy, Senior Managing Director, Head of Institutional Business at SLC Management, discusses what he’s hearing from clients as we enter 2022.

Chris Adair on intermediate private credit

Chris Adair, Senior Managing Director, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SLC Management, discusses why intermediate private credit can be a compelling opportunity for investors.

Amy DeAngelo on the future of work

Amy DeAngelo, Senior Managing Director and Head of Human Resources at SLC Management, discusses returning to the office, the future of work, and the importance of supporting employee mental health.

Linda Kong Ting on public credit

Linda Kong Ting, Director, Fixed Income Credit Analyst at SLC Management, discusses trends in issuance in the investment grade public market and the shift towards longer tenors.

D.J. Lucey on securitized credit markets

D.J. Lucey, Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income at SLC Management, discusses the securitized sector and the impact the 2008 global financial crisis had on preparing securitized credit markets to weather the COVID-19 storm.

Liz Thorne on private credit ESG investing

Liz Thorne, Managing Director, Private Fixed Income at SLC Management, discusses investing sustainably in the investment grade private credit market, including how to evaluate opportunities where public information is limited.

Stéphane Kofman on infrastructure

Stéphane Kofman, Director of Infrastructure at InfraRed Capital Partners, discusses infrastructure as a growth stimulus and the importance of public capital.

Christine Vanden Beukel on direct lending

Christine Vanden Beukel, Managing Director of Crescent Credit Europe LLP and Head of European Credit Markets, ESG Strategy and Policy Development at Crescent Capital, discusses direct lending markets in the UK and Europe.

Rahim Ladha on philanthropy

Rahim Ladha, Global Head of Communications and Philanthropy at BentallGreenOak, discusses “BGO Inspire,” a new multifaceted philanthropy program that’s focused on empowering employees to make a positive difference in their communities.

James Slotnick on the shifting infrastructure package

James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations at Sun Life, follows up on the state of the traditional and “human” infrastructure packages in the U.S., including the hurdles they face in Congress and the likelihood of both reaching President Biden’s desk.

Beth Lee and Laura Cronin on InvestHer

Beth Lee, Senior Director, Derivatives & Quantitative Strategy and Laura Cronin, Managing Director, Public Fixed Income, Credit Research, discuss InvestHer, a program they started to help advance women's professional development at SLC Management and the asset industry at large.

Dec Mullarkey on the central bank

Dec Mullarkey, Managing Director, Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation at SLC Management, discusses the Fed’s balance sheet expansion and its impact on the market.

Andy Kleeman on private placements

Andy Kleeman, Senior Managing Director, Head of Corporate Private Placements at SLC Management, discusses investing in the private placement markets.

Lauren Chesney on workforce diversity

Lauren Chesney, Managing Director, HR Business Partner, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at SLC Management, discusses improving workplace diversity in the asset management industry.

Randy Brown on ESG investing

Randy Brown, Chief Investment Officer at Sun Life and Head of Insurance Asset Management at SLC Management, discusses how he’s approaching sustainable investing while also balancing the various goals of the portfolio.

Randall Malcolm on interest rates

Randall Malcolm, Senior Managing Director and Public Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at SLC Management, discusses interest rate anomalies, yield curve expectations and credit spreads in the Canadian and U.S. fixed income markets.

Tim Boomer on pension funding

Tim Boomer, Senior Managing Director and Head of Client Solutions at SLC Management, discusses how the pandemic affected pension funding levels, shifts in portfolio allocations, and the role of fixed income investments moving forward.

Daniel Sausmikat on renewable energy

Daniel Sausmikat, Co-Head of infrastructure investment across the Americas at InfraRed Capital Partners, discusses the new construction of renewable energy infrastructure, trends in battery technology and challenges of building and developing these projects.

Anna Murray on ESG

Anna Murray, Global Head of ESG for SLC Management, discusses ESG best practices in commercial real estate and the broader sustainability opportunities and outlook for investment managers.

Mark Attanasio on Major League Baseball

Mark Attanasio, co-founder of Crescent Capital Group and owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, talks about what it’s like owning a major league baseball team during a pandemic.

Dean Connor on leadership

Dean Connor, Chief Executive Officer at Sun Life, reflects on his experience as CEO and the next chapter after retirement.

Kim Frazier on CLOs

Kim Frazier, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Crescent Capital, discusses CLOs, LIBOR and bank loan market valuations.

James Slotnick on the infrastructure package

James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations at Sun Life, discusses uncertainty around the U.S. infrastructure package, including the likelihood that it will pass this summer and how it might be financed.

John Vincent on Public Private Partnerships

John Vincent, Senior Managing Director and Head of Project Finance at SLC Management, discusses public private partnerships and how they might fit in to the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan.

Dec Mullarkey on the U.S. debt level

Dec Mullarkey, Managing Director, Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation at SLC Management, discusses current debt levels in the U.S. and what it might mean for markets.