Eugene J. Lundrigan

 President, Sun Life Capital Management Canada, & Head of Institutional Business

Eugene Lundrigan is President, Sun Life Capital Management Canada and Head of Institutional Business. Eugene is Executive Sponsor of SLC Management’s Sustainable Investment Program, and a member of Sun Life’s International Sustainability Council responsible for implementing the global sustainability plan. Eugene additionally serves as Executive Sponsor to SLC Management’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification process.

Eugene joined SLC Management in 2014, helping initially launch the firm in Canada. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Eugene helped evolve the business, including overseeing business strategy, product development, consultant relations and marketing, and helped transform the firm to its current state. In his current role, he leads the teams responsible for client-facing activities across SLC Management Fixed Income, including distribution, client relationships and experience, consultant relations, and marketing and communications. He also oversees our business in Canada.

Eugene’s portfolio of work in financial services spans investments, investment governance, strategy, and marketing. Following roles at the Bank of Canada, he joined Sun Life in 1997 and has held a range of senior level positions including Senior Managing Director of Canadian Public Fixed Income, and various leadership roles in wealth management, marketing, and strategy in Asia. Eugene became head of the International Investment Centre that manages Sun Life’s relationships with investment managers around the world. Eugene currently sits on the Indigenous Programs Development Committee at Right to Play as well as the Bank of Canada’s Fixed-Income Forum.

Eugene has a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University and an MBA (Finance) from McMaster University. He is also a CFA Charterholder and member of the Toronto CFA society.